Why Consider Granite Countertops, Find Professional Installation in San Antonio

Many homeowners in San Antonio seem to live in their kitchens. If you always seem to be in the kitchen, preparing meals, helping with homework, or hanging out with friends, you may want to upgrade to granite countertops. You want your home to be as welcoming as possible, and most people gravitate toward the kitchen. Therefore, it makes sense that you choose a countertop that looks elegant and beautiful, as well as being functional.


Granite is one of the most durable stones on the planet, so when it is turned into a countertop, it’s still as tough as you desire. Whether you have to set down a hot pan on it or drop something, you aren’t likely to damage it. Plus, many granite countertops come sealed, so you don’t have to worry about liquid staining or seeping into the stone. However, San Antonio residents should wipe up spills quickly to ensure that no damage happens.


Granite is a natural stone, which means it’s found in nature. While it does need to be cut and treated appropriately to be used in homes, it isn’t manufactured. You can find granite-style counters made by machines, so it’s best to use a company you trust. That way, you make sure that you get an authentic stone for your counters.

Resists Dirt/Bacteria

As long as the counter is sealed before it is installed, the material won’t be porous. Therefore, nothing will soak into it. Bacteria can’t thrive, which means you’ll have something clean and ready to go. However, you should wipe it down after every use and before preparing food to be safe.

Granite countertops are still the preferred stone of choice for many homeowners. Visit Shaw Company Remodeling in San Antonio to learn more.

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