Serious Mistakes to Avoid in Commercial Roof Installation

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Roofing

Although mistakes sometimes happen in Commercial Roofing Installation, the easiest way to avoid errors is to hire a reliable company like, where their experience brings a level of confidence to every job. Below are some of the most common mistakes in commercial roofing.

Installing a Deck With a Low Slope

Although most roofs are relatively steep, some have little or no incline. In these situations, the correct slope should be created to prevent water intrusion. If shingles cannot be used, the contractor should use materials specifically designed for low-slope conditions, such as SBS cold-application roofing, TPO and the like.

Omitting or Incorrectly Installing Drip Edge

Another frequent mistake made in commercial roofing is missing or incorrectly installed drip edge. This can lead to major aesthetic issues, decking and fascia damage, and animal and insect damage. For these reasons, a contractor should always cover the perimeter with the correct drip edge. Visit us to know more

No Leak Barrier

To offer additional protection in areas with fastener perforations, leak barriers are crucial. The most important areas in which to install these barriers are chimneys, valleys, eaves, vertical walls, and skylights.

Starter Troubles

If the starter is installed improperly or missing altogether, the eaves and rakes can develop aesthetic issues, and water may intrude. To avoid these mistakes, each shingle should have the right starter.

Nailing Problems

If there aren’t enough fasteners on each shingle, or if they are incorrectly placed, catastrophic problems can develop. The most common mistakes are under-drive or high nails, over-driven nails, and exposed fasteners.

Poor Installation of Valley Flashing

Some do-it-yourselfers and low-quality roofers install valley flashing incorrectly. This type of flashing should be under the shingles rather than on top, and the “U” shape should be facing the valley. If installed improperly, water can intrude and accelerate deterioration of shingles and flash.

In Closing

A skilled commercial roofer should receive continuing education and ongoing training, so they stay up to date on the latest materials and installation techniques. When a roofer is properly trained in Commercial Roof Installation, customers can rest assured that they’ll get a roof which doesn’t include any of the above mistakes.

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