3 Common Problems That Require Roof Repairs

Homeowners count on the roof to keep everything inside their homes safe from the wind, rain, and other elements. Most of the time a roof is a part of the house that is taken for granted. No one thinks about it until something goes wrong. There are several common issues that homeowners can have with a roof, resulting in the need for Roof Repairs.


One of the most common types of Roof Repairs is fixing a leak. It doesn’t take much work to find it. Homeowners can look up and see water coming into the home from the ceiling or see that the ceiling is starting to become discolored because of the water pooling up on the surface. In both instances, the roof needs to be examined by a professional and the leak repaired. Water coming into the home isn’t the only problem. Moisture allowed to sit on the ceiling or in the walls can cause mold and other issues.

Loose Panels or Tiles

Sometimes weather can cause some of the panels, shingles or tiles to become loose. When this happens, they aren’t attached securely to the roof and could eventually end up blowing off the roof! Because it isn’t easy to reattach these items to a roof securely, it is important to bring in a professional to handle the task. While the roof is being inspected, it can be determined whether the current panel, shingle, or tile needs to be re-secured or replaced all together.

Panel, Shingle or Tile Replacement

It can be frustrating to look in the yard after a storm and find panels, shingles, or tiles from the roof lying on the ground. This means that the weather was able to attach these parts of the roof, leaving portions of the roof exposed. Ideally, these pieces should be replaced as soon as possible in order to prevent further problems. While a professional is handling the replacement, he or she should examine the roof to see if any other pieces are loose with the potential to come off the roof at a later date.

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