Water Proofing Archive

24 Feb 2021

Basement Remodeling Ideas for Chicago

It may be one of the last rooms that any homeowner decides to tackle. More than just part of a foundation, a basement holds endless possibilities when it comes to options for remodeling. Whether finished or unfinished,
29 Jun 2016

Issues that Waterproofing in Boston, MA Helps to Prevent

One of the key ingredients of protecting a foundation is having it waterproofed. While other means such as establishing a proper slope and installing gutters can help alleviate some of the issues, water can still enter the
24 Feb 2016

Why Homeowners Install French Drains in Natick, MA

In order to keep a basement or the foundation surrounding a home dry, there are many steps that have to be taken. One of the first is developing a plan to divert excess water away from the