Why Homeowners Install French Drains in Natick, MA

In order to keep a basement or the foundation surrounding a home dry, there are many steps that have to be taken. One of the first is developing a plan to divert excess water away from the home. If water is not allowed to collect around a foundation, there is much less chance that any will be able to seep into the foundation and cause problems. Possibly the most effective solution for water diversion is the French drain.

Most french drains in Natick MA are a combination of perforated pipes, fabric that acts as a filter and gravel. Sand or rock may also be used to keep the drains in place. This trench is designed with a gradual slope to lead water out of basements and away from foundations to somewhere in the yard where it can be absorbed into the earth or channeled into a drainage ditch and moved away from the home and yard.

The use of french drains in Natick MA is a common and traditional solution that does not damage property in any way. It has been used for centuries in the area, particularly by farmers who needed to control the flow of groundwater away from their homes and barns. It is a simple, low-tech solution that will help to keep homes safer from mold and wood rot.

In addition to improving the basement, french drains in Natick MA are also a way to make yards more accessible. Any homeowner who has wet, low-lying areas in their yard late into the spring can benefit from this type of diversion. It is important that these systems are done professionally because many municipalities have regulated their use. They must pass inspection to ensure they are not diverting water onto a neighboring property or flooding a municipal sewer system.

Drycrete Waterproofing uses this type of system as just one of their many techniques for protecting basements. They also repair cracked, leaking concrete foundations, install moisture control systems and provide complete restoration services for homes that have been experiencing water damage. Contact them for an inspection of any yard or basement and to learn more about how to reliably waterproof the foundation of a home.

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