Issues that Waterproofing in Boston, MA Helps to Prevent

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Water Proofing

One of the key ingredients of protecting a foundation is having it waterproofed. While other means such as establishing a proper slope and installing gutters can help alleviate some of the issues, water can still enter the concrete through the soil. Thus, it pays to stop water before it can get into the basement’s foundation. These are a few problems that waterproofing can help prevent.

Mold is the biggest issue that waterproofing in Boston MA can help prevent. Mold is present when a constant source of moisture is available. If the water source is stopped, the mold won’t grow. Since this can turn into a serious health issue and require an expert team to remove, it pays not to have the problem in the first place. All waterproofing should be done before any type of remodeling of the basement area is done.

High humidity is another issue that can be prevented. High humidity levels can make the basement spaces feel damp and dingy. Since the high water content in the air can leach into items stored in the basement, this can cause pieces to deteriorate at a more rapid pace. Water can cause the breakdown of paper items. It can also cause warping and rust to occur. Items may not leave in the same condition that they came out.

The Waterproofing in Boston MA can also prevent cracking from occurring. When water seeps into the tiny holes always present in the concrete, it can sit there. Once the outside temperatures drop, the water freezes. As water freezes, it also expands. This expansion force is often stronger than the concrete itself. This will start causing cracks to form. At first, the cracks will be relatively small. Over time, these cracks can expand. Any weakness in the concrete will cause these cracks to expand even further.

Waterproofing a basement should be done as soon as possible in the construction phase. This will prevent the water from getting into the home and, possibly, causing thousands of dollars of damage as a result. Contact us if the basement hasn’t yet been waterproofed and needs to have that protection installed.

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