3 Signs That You Need a New Roof: Roofing Inspection in Wauwatosa, WI

It’s normal for a roof to experience wear and tear over time. However, the longer a roof is damaged without repair, the more expensive any resulting problems become. It’s important that homeowners are able to recognize the signs of a damaged roof and be able to determine when it needs to be repaired or replaced. Here are three signs that a house needs a new roof.

There are problems with the shingles.

If the shingles look warped, curled, are missing granules, or appear to be cracked, it’s likely they’ve reached the end of their lifespan. Wood shingles might be visibly rotted. The good news is that, if the damage is confined to a few shingles, the roof might require only a small repair. However, if the majority of shingles are damaged, the entire roof likely needs to be replaced. Unsure of whether the damage is minor or major? Reach out to professionals and get a roofing inspection in Wauwatosa, WI.

The roof is old.

When a roof is over twenty years old, it likely needs to be replaced. While shingles are typically longer lasting today than they were only a few decades ago, twenty years is still a long time for a roof to take damage from the elements. Not to mention, other factors can increase the rate at which shingles age. This includes climate, ventilation, and previous installation among other factors. Request a roofing inspection in Wauwatosa, WI for a professional opinion.

There is visible water damage.

Signs of water damage include dark stains, streaks, leaks, or bubbling of the paint inside of the home. Leaking can also make areas of the ceiling sag. In this case, the roof needs to be repaired or replaced immediately, as moisture can damage not only the roof but the interior structure, leading to extensive (and expensive) damage. Places like Waukesha Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. can help a homeowner determine how bad the damage is and what can be done about it.

No roof is designed to withstand the elements forever. It’s natural for a roof to need to be replaced even if it doesn’t fail completely. Always inspect a roof regularly and watch for warning signs. When a roof looks old, the shingles are showing signs of aging, or there are obvious signs of water damage in the home, it’s time to seek out the help of a professional.

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