3 Telltale Signs You Need Roofing Repair on Your Wilmette, IL, Home

When you own a home of your own, one area of your house that requires constant attention is your roof. If you miss a need for repairs, a small problem could grow and grow until you need a new roof replacement. You can use the services of roofers in Wilmette, IL, to help you extend the life of your roof. Here are a few signs you should call your roofing company sooner rather than waiting.

Loose Granules

If you’re walking around your home and you see loose granules on the ground, this is a sign that some of your shingles are damaged. You may also find granules in the gutters surrounding your home. If you do see them, look at your roof to see if you can spot damaged or missing shingles.

A Bowing Section

It can be easy to spot a problem with the underlying support structure of your roof by looking for areas where the roof seems to be bowing or sagging. This indicates that the wood underneath the roof has become warped or damaged. Contacting roofers in Wilmette, IL to help determine how widespread the damage has become.

An Exposed Attic

You can also discover roof damage by inspecting your attic regularly. If you spot water stains or areas where sunlight is passing between boards, you should call roofers in Wilmette, IL, as soon as possible. This indicates a need to identify and repair damaged roofing materials.

Whether you need a seasonal inspection or immediate repairs, schedule service with Showalter Roofing Services by visiting them online.

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