3 Tips for Silver City Homeowners for Finding Damage to Their Roofs

Most homeowners do not realize that their roofs have damage until they find signs of water leaks inside their homes. Here are three tips for finding damage to your roof in the early stages when repairs are more affordable.

Check the Roof After Any Heavy Storms

Heavy rain and strong winds typically reveal any weak areas in your roof. Once the weather clears, look at the surface of the roof to find any signs of lifting or collection of debris. Both are good indicators that you may have a leak developing in the roof. It may be loose shingles, holes in the roof coating, or an opening to the interior of the structure.

Inspect the Edges of the Roof

Check the edges of the roof for any signs of the flashing or gutters coming loose from the structure. The wood that was used during construction may be disintegrating due to water damage. If you find this type of damage, call a professional company that specializes in roofing repairs in Silver Spring homes.

Look at the Shingles Around Chimneys, Skylights, and Vent Pipes

Chimneys, skylight, vent pipes, and other areas where an object stands out from the roof is another common point of weakness. Check around these areas to look for signs of lifting, buckling, bulging, missing shingles, and separation. Problems such as these tend to worsen very quickly, so you should contact a company that offers roofing repairs for Silver Spring residences.

Who to Call for Roofing Repair Services in Silver Spring

Reliable Roofers Inc. offers commercial and residential roofing services, including replacement and repairs. Call them today to learn more and schedule an appointment for an inspection.

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