A Wilmette, IL Garage Door Repair Technician Should Inspect Your Door for Safety Concerns

Garage door repairs should never be attempted by a person who is not trained in door and door mechanism repair. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports every year that people are injured by garage door mishaps. There are so many parts that can injure an untrained person. The garage door injured over 2,000 people in 2007 because the garage door fell on them. The other tragic number is 1,610 people suffered injuries when they attempted their own garage door repairs.

Perhaps the most dangerous part in your door mechanism is the torsion spring because it does the heavy lifting. Sadly, the homeowner doesn’t get much notice that this spring is going to break. The spring may have been poorly installed, or it was made of poor quality material that cannot handle the constant tension these parts are subjected to. The torsion springs do the heavy lifting when raising or lowering your garage door, so they don’t last as long as you would hope.

The homeowner can prevent many problems by having an experienced garage door technician inspect every moving part of your garage door for problems and potential problems. He may recommend that the torsion spring be replaced based on the number of cycle times it experiences and the way it looks. A thorough inspection of your garage door in Wilmette, IL can reveal many problems that should be fixed.

When the family car hits the garage door, the owner cannot assume that a visual inspection will show all of the problems. A garage door technician needs to examine the door and fix all of the problems with the door and the door mechanism. An accident like this can knock the tracks out of alignment and this will cause the door to fall off of the tracks.

The time may have arrived for your home to have a new garage door installed. In Wilmette, IL we have a variety of garage door options. To know more please visit Crystal Overhead Door Inc now.

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