Choose your new kitchen cabinets wisely

When you are contemplating a kitchen renovation you will want to choose the cabinets wisely; you want them to last long, perform perfectly and look great.

There is little doubt that it is the kitchen cabinets in Doral that sets the tone; the look and the feel of your new kitchen. Choosing wisely, making sure you get the right mix for your needs and your budget are an important part of ensuring that your dreams become a reality. It is estimated by industry professionals that on average, half of the kitchen remodeling budget goes on cabinets. This can go higher if you opt for custom made cabinets using exotic veneers or solid oak; accessories can drive the cost up even further.

Typically, cabinets can be defined as stock, semi-custom or custom, it all depends on how they are made and to what extent they can be customized. It is important that you don’t equate these categories to quality, high quality kitchen cabinets in Doral are available in all three; let’s look briefly at each.

• Stock cabinets: These cabinets are available in a wide variety of styles, the widths, which typically increase in three inch intervals range from as small as nine inches up to four feet. These cabinets are readily available from kitchen and bath centers as well as home improvement stores or can be ordered directly from the manufacturers catalog. Stock cabinets are normally the most economical, and because they are manufactured and stocked in bulk, they are readily available.

• Semi-custom kitchen cabinets: Semi-custom cabinets are manufactured to order, they are available in a wider number of styles, materials, and finishes. As they are not made until the customer commits they can be modified to include accessory items such as a Lazy Susan or pull-out bins. If there are any disadvantages it is the fact that they will cost somewhat more and take longer for delivery but remember; you are making a long term investment so waiting a while and spending a bit more for customization should not be a major hurdle to deal with.

• Custom cabinets: These are built by a cabinet maker, they are produced from the material you want, in the sizes, shapes and configurations that you want. Of the three, custom cabinets are the most expensive and take the longest to complete.

When you contact us at Business Name your custom kitchen does not mean a higher price, it means the promise of “custom creation to custom installation.”

If you are looking for high quality kitchen cabinets in Doral, you are invited to talk to the design and build experts at Business Name.

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