Choosing the Size of Gravel Stone for your Project

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Landscaping

It’s good to have at least a general idea about what you need before calling gravel stone suppliers in Torrington. There are many different sizes to choose from for landscaping and other projects. Gravel stones are versatile and can be used for roads, paths, landscaping and providing drainage. The trouble many have is trying to determine what size is needed for any given project. Gravel stone suppliers in Torrington can help you determine which is best for your situation. Here are some general guidelines to help as well.

Sizes and Uses of Gravel Stone

Gravel stone suppliers in Torrington can deliver any size needed for projects. Options generally range from dust to about 2.5 inches. Here are some of the most common sizes and their uses:

  • Dust – is less than a quarter of an inch and is often used as a base for blocks and pavers. It’s often used for bike paths, walkways or in horse arenas.

  • -inch – Usually mixed with asphalt. Used in walkways, for drainage and is decorative as a landscape feature.

  • -inch -Usually mixed with concrete or asphalt. It’s useful for helping with drainage or in driveways.

  • ¾-inch – This size has two options: clean or DGA. DGA is used as road base, a base for concrete pavers or asphalt. It’s also used for gabion and interlocking walls. ¾-inch clean is commonly used to provide drainage behind walls. It’s also used as fill.

  • 1 ½-inch – Typically used as a base for walkways, driveways, slabs, roads, interlocking walls and stone patios. Also commonly used in septic systems, dry wells and for drainage projects.

  • 2 ½-inch – Works well for large scale construction projects like road base and job site tracking pads. Can also be used for drainage, dry wells and septic systems.

Are you ready to finish off your landscaping project? Let our gravel stone suppliers in Torrington help you select the best size and texture for your project by visiting the Century Aggregates website.

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