Common Reasons for Chimney Forebox Repair in Annapolis MD

The firebox part of a chimney system is the where the fire is actually built and burned. It is the most visible part, and it takes the majority of the heat. Fireboxes in factory-made systems, which have only been available for about twenty to twenty-five years, are made of metals. Panels and sections can be patched and repaired to a certain extent, and then the entire system has to be replaced. Proper maintenance and cleaning can prolong the life of a factory-made firebox. Accessories, such as a chimney cap, can reduce water and debris from falling into the chimney, and also prolong the life of the system. Leaks, soot build up, and residue are also common reasons for chimney firebox repair in Annapolis MD.

A chimney built by a mason with bricks or stone, and mortar, will need repairs for different reasons. The joints of the firebox will require repairs over time to keep them from failing. The expansion and contraction of the space, due to the heat as well as the exterior temperatures, will weaken the joints and footings of the area. Another reason for needed repairs is that water that enters the chimney mixes with the smoke, and creates a slime that corrodes the joints. Installation of a new damper or a chimney cap can drastically reduce the amount of rainwater that enters the chimney. A cap can also prevent animals from easy access to build nests. Debris and nests contribute to the destructive properties of the slime mixture.

Repairs are usually required every ten to fifteen years, depending on the usage, and the degree of care and cleaning provided. Chimney Firebox Repair in Annapolis MD, completed by certified masons, comes with a ten year guarantee when using a particular local contractor. Homeowners can browse our website for information regarding repairs, annual inspections, cleaning, and preventative maintenance. Other services, such as installation of wood stoves and gas fireplaces, as well as air duct cleaning are also provided at affordable pricing. Specials and discounts are also offered, and examples of previous work can be seen online. Products and accessories, such as dampers, chimney caps, liners, heater grates, and glass fireplace doors are available, and include installation.

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