Cremation Keepsakes In Gainesville, FL And Other Funeral Selections

In Florida, families that have lost a loved one review several options when choosing cremation. The process involves rendering the body down to ash instead of burying the loved one. When reviewing the process, families must also determine how the ashes and remains will be stored. A funeral director can provide information about cremation keepsakes Gainesville FL.

Services Related to Cremation

The funeral director manages the deceased loved one’s body. They can pick up the body at the hospital or from the individual’s home. The body is delivered to the crematorium, and it is processed according to legal standards. The family will need to make choices about whether or not they are scheduling a memorial service or a traditional funeral.

Urns for the Remains

Urns are often used to contain the body after the cremation process. The keepsakes are highly decorative and come in a variety of colors and materials. The funeral director can provide a catalog of the urns used most often and provide a complete price list.

What Other Types of Keepsakes are Available to the Family?

In addition to the urns, families have several options for their loved one’s ashes. The inventory of keepsakes includes small decorative items such as silver hearts and candles. The items are available to commemorate the loved one or to store a smaller portion of the deceased individual’s ashes. Select items have scriptures printed on them while others could be engraved.

Additional Products Presented to Families

The family could acquire items such as jewelry as a keepsake of their loved one’s passing. The jewelry collection includes pendants such as doves, wings, praying hands, and religious selections. The items are available through the funeral home or through their website. They are also exceptional choices for close family members who were most important to the lost loved one.

In Florida, families select keepsakes for storing their loved one’s remains after cremation. The keepsakes could also include special gifts for family members and options for commemorating their loved one. A funeral director can provide information about the items and offer a price list. Families that have questions about the Cremation keepsakes Gainesville FL are encouraged to contact Crevasse’s Simple Cremation Inc. for more information today. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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