Desert Contemporary: One Of Today’s Style Trends From New Custom Home Builders In Seattle WA

Desert Contemporary is a term used to describe a variety of designs for high-end custom homes. Some confuse this design style for “modern,” but there are distinct differences. Desert Contemporary perfectly describes many luxurious Seattle homes built by Home Builders in Seattle WA, reflecting a love for sun and open spaces.

“Modern” Homes Weren’t Designed for the Seatte

Modern actually describes a style of an earlier age, typified by the homes. These homes used clean lines, bare, uncluttered interiors, and were designed for the Midwest and the East. While the stark architecture was revolutionary, many felt (and still feel) that while the homes were interesting, they wouldn’t want to live in one. The homes didn’t lend themselves to the personal touches of the owners but were primarily reflections of the architect’s vision.

Desert Contemporary Celebrates the Seattle Lifestyle

Desert Contemporary is related to contemporary design precepts. Contemporary design is personal and reflects the style trends of today. It’s not a rigid definition of one design type & but can combine elements from many diverse styles. Contemporary, at its best, uses elements from various styles of the past to create an eclectic blend that is new and unique. These are homes to live in, not simply admire from afar.

Desert Contemporary does not mean stucco, cattle skulls or a southwestern feel that can end up looking like an Easterner’s idea of a ranch. Instead, Desert Contemporary celebrates the outdoors and the unique beauty of the desert. Homes have an airy, open feel and often use a natural palette, choosing warm tones of beige and brown highlighted with sky blues. Differing textures add warmth, including stone, copper, and colored glass. Outdoor living spaces seamlessly connect the desert to the interior. These luxurious, custom homes are welcoming, architecturally inspiring, and a celebration of life.

We are one of Seattle’s most quality-conscious Home Builders in Seattle WA. For many years, We have emphasized the use of the finest materials and expert workmanship in their very high-end custom homes. Whether your dream is Desert Contemporary or another style, you’ll receive the home that meets both your budget and your vision. We will be on-site and is meticulous about ensuring that your finished home will be one that you can always be proud of. To learn more about turning your dream into reality.

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