Eliminate Future Roof Problems With Help From Superior Roofing Contractors in Annapolis

A leak in the roof can be financially devastating if the problem is allowed to develop for too long. This is partially due to the amount of demolition required to replace an aging or damaged roof. With a severe enough leak the contractor may need to strip away everything including the decking material. This is especially true with most of the most recent homes that make use of man-made materials such as plywood or OSB (oriented strand board) for the decking surface. These products don’t always handle water all that well and may come apart with extended exposure. Roofing Contractors in Annapolis may be able to avoid this situation by inspecting the structure for signs of problems.

The most common reason to seek out a roofing contractor is a leak, but more serious problems may exist, and that leak could just be a warning sign of pending disaster. Leaks can develop in various areas such as the flashing or attic vents, but a leaking roof is often the result of old asphalt shingles that have completely deteriorated. Age and weather can make a shingle crack or even break during a storm. This means the next major rain storm may leak water into the building.

Asphalt is a petroleum based material that will eventually dry out and crack. Modern variants remedy this problem by using a better grade of material and making all or part of the shingle thicker. This results in a more durable roof covering that many manufacturers will warrant for the life of the home. Roofing Contractors in Annapolis can offer either laminated shingles or composite ones for this job.

Asphalt is not the only product available for a roof, and it isn’t always the best choice either. One option for today’s roofing problems is stamped steel. Steel roofing is another long-lived material and is usually warranted for at least fifty years. This is possible because the metal is galvanized with either zinc or a zinc/aluminum alloy. Zinc by itself is the standard method of protection from the elements, but certain locales with high salt content may be better off with the latter. Visit their Site for more information.

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