Flat Roofs Have Grown in Popularity with Many Homeowners

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Roofing

When determining on a type of roof for your home there is a wide selection of options to select from. By far, angled roofs are the more common choice for homes, which allow for roofing solutions including tile, word, asphalt shingles and metal. However, flat roofs have grown in popularity with many homeowners as a legitimate option due to both their modern styles to architectural connection and reduced costs. The benefits of having a flat roofing surface on your home goes beyond the aesthetic value it will give your property. Compared to angled roofs, a flat roof is extremely easy to keep up with. If you are looking for roofing professionals that offer the service of flat roofs in St Augustine then you need to turn to R&K Roofing for their excellent roofing services.

Benefits of a Flat Roof

There are numerous benefits of a flat roof. This type of roof is significantly easier to clean and inspect. When being installed, flat roofing is normally applied with a coating to facilitate water run-off, which means that any build-up and subsequent damage should not be a concern. In addition to the benefits of cleaning and maintenance, this type of roof can help combat high cooling costs during those summer months. Other benefits of having a flat roof are easy solar panel placement, 20 year waterproofing warranty, reflective coating to reduce indoor heat and cool roofing system. Flat roofing in St Augustine is an economical roofing solution for both residential and commercial buildings. Roofing experts can provide several flat roofing services such as installation, repair and maintenance.

Rely on Contractor Experts Exceptional Roofing Solutions

R&K Roofing is a well-established roofing contractor that provides many services of flat roofs in St Augustine area. When it comes to contractor experts you can rely on their exceptional roofing solutions. For more information about flat roofs visit their website today!

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