Foundation Repair In Mississippi Can Secure A Home’s Stability

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Foundation Repair

When cracks appear within a home or outside a home, there’s a very good chance the home’s foundation is in need of repair. Shifting in the foundation can cause doors not to close properly, brick facing to become separated from a home and cracking in the sheet rock. Most foundation issues are not severe problems when they’re first addressed. Ignoring signs of foundation damage could lead to more expensive repairs. At the first sign of damage, a homeowner should contact a company experienced with Foundation Repair in Mississippi. They will evaluate the situation and deliver sensible and affordable solutions to correct the problem.

Damage to a foundation can occur from shifting of the dirt around the foundation. This could be due to settling of the foundation or due to water problems. When an area of the foundation sinks, releveling of the foundation could include the installation of piers. These piers could be concrete, helical or steel push piers. It could also include shallow footings to underpin the foundation. Underpinning involves modifying or extending the existing foundation further into the ground to support the original foundation. This process helps the foundation to reach an area in the ground that is not affected by temperatures or surface soils. It gives the home the ability to bear the weight of the home without affecting the structure.

Foundation Repair in Mississippi using underpinning will correct the elevation problems with the foundation and provide the vertical support the home needs. Helical piers help to support lighter rooms such as sun rooms and aren’t usually used with the weight of a home. They can be used to lift a house to a more level adjustment. Concrete piers can help to support the weight of a home and last for a very long time. This can safely and efficiently secure a home from any further damage. Whatever the problem is with a foundation, an experienced foundation repair company can correct the problem efficiently and affordably. Attempting to repair a foundation on your own is not recommended due to the weight of the home and the further damage it could cause. For more information, please visit the website.

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