Frequently Asked Questions About Pest Control In Spokane

Throughout the year, many Spokane residents have pest problems inside their homes. Various insects find their way into the house to seek shelter, warmth, and food. Homeowners who discover they have pests in their home that won’t go away should contact a professional company that specializes in pest control in Spokane. Individuals who want to get rid of the pests inside their house should read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) How do so many pests get inside the house?

A.) Even though most homeowners don’t keep their windows and doors wide open, pests can still get inside the home. Since insects are often very tiny, they can crawl through small cracks in the foundation, gaps in the window frames and through the attic. Infestations often occur due to the bugs multiplying once they get into the home. In a very short time, a few insects can turn into hundreds or even thousands.

Q.) Is it dangerous for humans when insects get inside the house?

A.) Many insects, such as roaches and ants, congregate in the kitchen area. Food that’s left on the counter or on the table creates an enjoyable buffet for a cockroach or ant. When humans eat food off the table and counters that have been crawling with bugs, it’s very unhealthy. Spiders that are inside the home may bite individuals if they feel threatened. Fleas also bite humans and leave itchy, red marks on the skin.

Q.) What are some effective ways that homeowners can keep pests out of the house?

A.) Several times throughout the year homeowners should inspect the inside and outside of their home and look for insect entrances. Homeowners should seal foundation cracks, caulk openings around window frames and close off any other areas where bugs can get inside. After sealing off all entrances, homeowners should contact a professional who specializes in Pest Control in Spokane to exterminate the bugs inside the house.

Before an insect infestation gets too far out of control, contact a professional pest control company, such as Spokane Pro Care. This company can exterminate the pests inside the home and also apply a protective barrier outside the home to keep the bugs out for good.

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