Get Ready For Winter With Roofing Replacement In Rochester MN

A typical asphalt shingle roof lasts approximately 20 to 25 years. If a roof is installed over an existing roof with shingles, the roof will need to be replaced at approximately 20 years. Waiting until there’s water leaking into the living area is not a way to determine if the roof should be replaced.

The best place to determine if the roof needs to be replaced is by checking in the attic. Someone should be on the outside of the home. Take the flashlight to the attic and look at the wood on the roof for signs of water. It’s important to shine the light at the eaves and roof while the person outside looks for light coming through.

Other Roof Inspection Options

It might be cheaper to inspect the roof from the attic, but a trained roofing company can perform the best inspection. This is a better option especially if Roofing Replacement in Rochester MN needs to be performed. A roofing company will perform an inspection on the roof. They will inspect the shingles, caulking, and flashing.

If the roof has not had regular maintenance, the roof will tend to fail sooner than one that was maintained. A homeowner may notice a lot of granules from the roof in the downspout water. When a homeowner sees a lot of these, there’s a chance the roof needs to be replaced.

Visual Damage

An up-close inspection should be performed to determine if Roofing Replacement in Rochester MN needs to be performed. Another sign for a homeowner is when there are missing or curled shingles on the roof. When the shingles lose a lot of granules, it will cause the shingles to dry rot. Loose shingles cannot be detected from the ground and must be immediately attached so they are flat with the roof.

Water that leaks under one shingle will freeze and cause other shingles to loosen. The caulking around chimney’s, vents, or skylights should be regularly checked for signs of cracking. This is a big cause of water leaking into a home. For more information, please visit the website to learn how an experienced roofing company can solve all your roofing problems.

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