What Homeowners Should Do Before the Swimming Pool Installers in Suffolk County, NY Arrive

Now that all the plans are made to install a pool in the backyard, it’s time to make a few preparations. Taking the time to get things ready for the team of Swimming Pool Installers in Suffolk County NY that will handle the project makes the job easier and allows them to complete the task sooner rather than later. Here are some suggestions the homeowner can take into consideration.

Clearing a Path

The team of Swimming pool installers in Suffolk County, NY will need to haul in quite a few materials and tools to handle the job. If there is a fence around the back yard, look closely at the points of entry. Are they wide enough to get everything through with ease? For example, a chain link fence with a double gate will likely provide the perfect way to haul all the materials to the back yard. If the fence is a picket design with small gates, it may be a good idea to have one or more sections detached and create a wider opening.

Storing Lawn Furniture and Other Items

The work site should be relatively clear of anything that could get in the way. That will mean temporarily moving lawn furniture, toys, and other items to the garage or some other storage area. Along with making sure there is nothing on the spot where the pool will be added, this strategy also provides space for the team to lay out their tools and position materials within easy reach.

Keep the Pets and Kids Inside

It’s fine for the children and the family dog to look out the window and follow the progress of the pool installation. Until the pool is finished and the team has removed their tools and unused materials, keep them out of the back yard. If the dog needs to go outside, grab a leash and lead the pet into the front yard. The kids can also play in the front yard or go on a play date with some of their friends.

With summer on the way, now is a good time to make plans for a backyard pool installation. Contact Sky Blue Pools today and arrange for a pool contractor to visit the property. It won’t take long to identify the best location for the pool, determine what type of design would work in the space, and when the work can get underway.

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