How to Find Leaks on the Metal Roof of Your Red Bank, TN, Home

The durable and energy-efficient characteristics of metal roofs have increased their popularity. However, these necessary qualities have not kept them immune to leaks and damages. At some point, you will need metal roof leak repair for your Red Bank, TN, home.

Searching for potential problems is easier if you know how to focus on specific areas of the roof. Use the following three tips as a guide to finding weak areas that require repair.

Leaks at Transition Points

Transitions on a metal roof are places that connect the roof to a different part of the roofing system. Problems are in the details of areas such as the valleys. Look for:

  • Gaps between pieces
  • Screws that are missing or loose
  • Missing sealant
  • Loose trims

Leaks at Termination Detail

Another area to check whether you need metal roof leak repair for your Red Bank, TN, home is the termination detail. This is where the roofing ends at the periphery of the home and should not have:

  • Loose hip, coping or ridge caps
  • Water underneath the caps

Leaks in Body of Metal Roof

Leaks in the body of your metal roof are noticeable by visually inspecting the panels. Look for:

  • Missing or loose screws
  • Puncture or rust holes
  • Out-of-place panels

Hire Metal Roof Experts You Can Trust

Bad weather and time can leave roofs susceptible to leaks. Restore Roofing is the professionals you need to call when needing metal roof leak repair in Red Bank, TN. Go to and schedule an appointment today.

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