How to Make Asphalt Services in Buchanan County, MO More Sustainable

Sustainability is one of the most important factors to consider while laying down the foundations of new homes and driveways. Although asphalt is already a sustainable material for pavements, there are other techniques that can help create a sustainable environment.

Surface Seals

While you are asking for asphalt services in Buchanan County, MO, make sure that you ask for spray-based surface seals. These are the rejuvenator and fog seals that seal in the pavement and improve waterproofing. In simpler words, surface seals help prevent deterioration of the asphalt pavements.


Once the asphalt services in Buchanan County, MO, are complete, you need to ask the company for overlays. In particular, you must ask for a thin overlay, which is basically a dense-graded asphalt mixture. Usually, the thickness of overlay ranges from 0.5-inch to 1.5-inch, but thinner is always better.

Crack Treatment

As soon as you identify a crack in the asphalt paving, it’s important to hire Keller Construction or another asphalt company for crack treatment. As the name suggests, the crack treatment fills in the cracks, which also helps reduce GHG emissions. In addition, it prevents the entry of water and dirt into the pavement, resulting in a longer lifespan.


The microsurfacing technique is quite similar to surface seals, but it uses a slurry seal. This seal is made with a mixture of emulsion and aggregates and is applied to the pavement as a seal or protection layer. In addition to microsurfacing, you can also opt for chip seals, which include the application of crushed rock and asphalt emulsion.

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