How to Prepare for House Lifting in Jefferson Parish

Homes in Louisiana are often below sea level, increasing the risk of flooding during and after significant storms. House lifting in Jefferson Parish can reduce risks and prevent severe damage to your home during a hurricane or major storm. If you need this service, take the following steps to prepare.

Hire the Right Contractor

One essential detail of successful house lifting in Jefferson Parish is choosing the right contractor to work with. Search for local contractors who have a reputation for quality workmanship. The best contractors have completed thousands of house lifting jobs and can show you evidence of their work. Ask for references and talk to homeowners to learn how they feel about the service.

Prepare Your Home’s Interior

You typically don’t have to remove anything from your home before house lifting in Jefferson Parish, but there are a few things you should do. Pack steady or fragile items to avoid damage. While house lifting is usually a gentle process, these items may fall and break. You may also place tarps or plastic sheets over carpeting and fabric furniture to protect against dust.

Exterior Preparations

Before house lifting in Jefferson Parish, clear out the crawlspace under your home. Ask your contractor if you must remove any exterior components, like porches or decks. They can help you find contractors to help with this process. Finally, clear anything away from the exterior of your home, such as fences, pavers, and sidewalks. Talk to your contractor about whether landscaping is at risk during the process.

If you need help preparing for your house lifting in Jefferson Parish, visit the Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring website to talk to their team.

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