Kids Have Lots Of Questions When Watching A Commercial Paving Service At A Parking Lot

Kids typically like watching heavy equipment operators of any sort, including those working for a Commercial Paving Service. When a paving company is doing extensive work on a parking lot, it’s not a bad idea for a parent to bring the children there to watch for a little while, as long as they won’t be in the way. The youngsters will likely have questions about what the work involves and why the old asphalt faded to a dull gray color. They might ask why there are so many cracks in the old pavement. They might want to know why the driveway at the house they live in is paved with concrete instead of asphalt; perhaps they think the deep black color of the new parking lot pavement is more appealing.

With all these possible questions, parents may want to brush up on their knowledge of asphalt paving, at least a little bit. They’ll be able to explain how weather gradually affects asphalt by fading it and causing flaws. Ultraviolet light from sunshine causes fading. Repeated freezing and thawing causes cracks and holes. A tiny crack gets rainwater or melting snow into it. When temperatures drop, that water freezes and expands, making the crack bigger. This tends to happen again and again during certain times of the year. Savvy business owners call for asphalt repair to fill those cracks and keep water out.

The kids may ask why this doesn’t happen to their driveway. There are a couple reasons for this. First, concrete is less vulnerable to these problems, and second, the driveway doesn’t get anywhere near as much traffic as a parking lot normally does. All that driving on pavement with cars and other heavy vehicles takes its toll. The parents can show the children parts of the parking lot that have worse damage, which is typical in areas where big trucks frequently drive. That could be in the back, where deliveries take place.

Then why don’t business owners choose concrete for the parking lot? A primary reason is cost. It’s significantly less expensive to have asphalt installed by a Commercial Paving Service such as JH & Sons Paving Inc. That holds true even though more maintenance is required to keep it in excellent condition. You can follow them on Twitter for latest news and updates!

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