Know the Types of Sand Blasting in Atlanta, GA

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Construction & Maintenance

Sandblasting is the process of throwing very small and fine particles of a coarse element on a surface at a very high velocity to scratch or clean it. This method is mostly done before painting a surface to make it smooth and corrosion-free. Sand Blasting In Atlanta, GA is mostly used to prepare parts of machinery, metal, and industrial products for painting.

Workers have to be careful while handling any type of sandblasting. Soda blasting can be used as a replacement for sandblasting that uses baking soda to remove contaminants and clean metal surfaces. Soda blasting has less abrasive effects than proper sandblasting. There are some common types of sandblasting.

Sandblasting Using Silica Sand

Silica sandblasting is the most common type of sandblasting used for surface cleaning. Being very effective for obtaining durable results, very inexpensive, and easily accessible are some prominent features of silica sand. These features clarify the reason why silica sandblasting is very commonly used.

Silica sand can be reused but only to a certain level. Other types of sands cannot be reused. The basic component of silica sand is quartz, which is a long-lasting crystal. Quartz is best for effective sandblasting.

Sandblasting Using Beach Sand

Sometimes beach sand is used in the process of sand blasting in Atlanta, GA. It is only effective for specific types of surfaces due to the large number of salt deposits in it that can damage some of the metal surfaces. Most of the time, other types of sand are preferred in sandblasting because beach sand can make metal surfaces more disposed to corrosion and rusting due to high salt concentration.

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