Myths About Vinyl Pool Repair in Suffolk County NY

There are few things that are as relaxing as lounging on a summer day next to a home pool. But what about the vinyl liner? Are they a hassle to repair or replace? Don’t worry; there are quite a few myths about vinyl pool liners. Here are some facts to clear up the misconceptions.

1. Some people think that liners need to be frequently replaced, as often as every five years. This is not so. The average life of a pool liner is more 10-15 years. If the chemical balance of the pool water is not correct, this will lessen the life of the liner, but this is a procedure that actually should fall on the shoulders of a pool maintenance company.

2. Liners are very easy to tear and require constant Vinyl Pool Repair in Suffolk County NY. This is simply not true. While it is possible to rip or tear a liner, it is highly unlikely to do so in the course of normal everyday use.

3. The cost to maintain a vinyl liner pool over a decade is well over $10,000. The cost of the use of chemicals and electricity for a vinyl liner pool is the same as any other pool. The cost is completely dependent on the frequency of use of the pool.

4. Vinyl liner pools look cheap. Times have changed, and a vinyl liner pool nowadays can be made to look exactly like a fiberglass or concrete pool. The pool owner can also mix and match various decking options to give the pool a more luxurious appearance.

5. Vinyl pool repair in Suffolk County NY is expensive. Again, this is simply not true. Owning and maintaining a vinyl pool is actually the best value per dollar spent. There is no need to re-plaster or refinish the pool like with fiberglass or concrete pools.

Visit us if an incident does occur and vinyl liner repair is needed, we are an experienced pool repair business that know pools inside and out and can get the pool back up and running in no time at all.

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