Reasons to Call a Roof Repair Service in Marlboro, NJ

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Roofing

Part of the responsibility of owning a home is keeping it in the best possible condition. When and as a repair is needed, it pays to have the work done before the situation can worsen. Here are some of the more common signs that the homeowner would do well to call a local roof repair service in Marlboro, NJ today.

Chunks of Shingles on the Ground

The weather was rough last night, but everything seems to be in good shape. The one thing that the homeowner does notice is a few shingle fragments scattered around the front yard. At first glance, the roof seems to be intact. Even so, it pays to call a local roof repair service in Marlboro, NJ and arrange for an inspection. Finding and replacing those damaged shingles is the best way to prevent more damage the next time a storm moves through the area.

Rusted Flashing

While most of the roof seems to be in great shape, the homeowner notices that the metal flashing around the chimney and in the valleys looks a little rusty. It’s hard to tell from ground level, but it seems that the flashing is separating from the other materials in a couple of spots. Since those gaps would allow precipitation to get under the shingles and lead to mold and deterioration of the roof’s framework, it makes sense to have the flashing replaced as quickly as possible.

Time for a New Roof

The present roof was in place when the homeowner purchased the property. Thinking back, that was over thirty years ago. There are sections of the roof that don’t look all that great now. Choosing to have a professional inspect the roof will determine if the time has come for a replacement.

There are a number of other reasons to consider having a professional check the roof and make any necessary repairs. Call and arrange for an inspection with Superior Windows & Glass, LLC. Doing so could be the means of ensuring that the roof remains sturdy and serious problems do not occur in the future.

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