Signs Indicating a Need for Residential Gutter Repair Orland Park Homeowners Should Watch Out For

Gutters form a home’s first defense against leaks and water damage. This makes it essential to keep them in good condition in order to prevent costly roof and even eventual foundation repairs. Over time normal wear and tear will take their toll on even properly installed gutters, so homeowners should be on the lookout for warning signs indicating the need for repair.

When gutters begin to come loose, this typically indicates missing or improperly installed support hangers. Ordinarily these hangers are installed at two foot intervals along the length of the gutter to hold it in place. But heavy rains, wind, and other extreme weather conditions can lead to their coming loose, causing the gutters to pull away from the roof. Not only does this leave a home looking dilapidated in appearance, it also prevents the gutters from draining properly and averting water from the foundation. It can even lead to complete detachment in the event of a heavy storm. Homeowners noticing even one support hanger out of place would do well to consider the Residential Gutter Repair Orland Park contractors can offer to help.

Leaky seams are another issue common to older gutters. Holes and leaks can be fixed with the application of appropriate sealants, but if enough of them are present it may indicate that it’s time for entirely new gutters. Technology like seamless gutters prevent these leaks and can save homeowners money over time. But those who are not quite ready to make the leap to complete replacement can still seek help from the pro’s to avoid water accumulation around the home’s foundation.

Another sign that indicates a need for Residential Gutter Repair Orland Park residents can look out for is improper slope. This can be a little bit harder to recognize than outright leaks or missing pieces. It requires getting up on the roof after a heavy rain and checking the water level in the gutters. Any standing water indicates that the slope is not sufficient for proper drainage. All gutters should be sloped towards the drainage pipes to ensure that standing water does not cause more damage over time. Homeowners noticing any of these issues can contact Business Name to find a licensed repair technician in their area.

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