Signs That the Current Residential Roofing in Albany, OR Has to Go

The current roof has provided years of reliable service. Lately, the homeowner wonders if the time may be coming when a change is in order. Here are some of the signs that the time has come to think about replacements for the older Residential Roofing in Albany OR.

The Roof Looks Old

The homeowner has not yet noticed any signs that the roof is leaking, but a glance upward confirms that it no longer looks as nice as it did in years past. The color has faded in spots, and the flashing is beginning to rust. Overall, the appearance of the roofing is making the entire home look a little shabby. Since cosmetic work will likely not be enough, the best thing to do is call a contractor and get a quote for new Residential Roofing in Albany OR.

Storm Damage

The storm lat night was rough, and there are broken shingles all over the yard to prove it. In fact, the homeowner is not sure there are many left on the top of the house. Since attempting to repair the roof will cost a great deal of money, why not get an estimate for a total replacement? If the figure is relatively close to the expense of replacing the damaged shingles, the homeowner will come out ahead by investing in a new roof.

Mold in the Attic

A trip to the attic confirms that moisture is getting into the space somehow. There’s mold on the rafters, a sure sign that there is some sort of slow leak on the roof. If the situation has progressed to the point that mold is found in the attic, there is likely more damage under the shingles than meets the eye. The only way to know for sure is to have an expert take a look. If the damage is significant, it might be easier to rip away all the old materials and start from scratch.

Fro homeowners who are wondering if investing in a new roof is a good idea, you can try here to find ideas and suggestions that would be right for the home. Arrange for a contractor to inspect the current roof, and provide insight into whether repairs or a total replacement is the best choice. Once the decision is made, the work can get underway without any delays.

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