Situations That Interfere With the Work of an Asphalt Contractor in Texas

An Asphalt Contractor and the crew working on paving a road, parking lot or driveway have to halt the job under certain conditions. On some urban roads, traffic is so heavy during the daytime that the crew can only work at night. It’s not feasible to restrict the lanes during the day as much as would be necessary. Some parking lots, such as those where corporate employees have their vehicles, must be paved at night as well and possibly even on the weekend.

Weather interferes with the work of an Asphalt Contractor too, although this situation isn’t as common in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as it is in other parts of the country. Asphalt paving can continue during an occasional drizzling or sprinkling rain, but steady light rain forces the crew to stop. Water disrupts the bonding action of asphalt material, and rainwater also has a cooling effect that makes the material difficult to compact effectively. Another weather situation that makes asphalt paving a challenge or even impossible involves freezing temperatures or the ground being frozen. The Dallas-Fort Worth area hardly ever experiences freezing temperatures.

Normally, driveway and parking lot paving is scheduled only for days when the weather is expected to be free of rain. This typically isn’t entirely possible when scheduling road paving, as the work may continue for many days and weather predictions may change. This region is prone to scattered and unpredictable severe storms, so contractors watch the weather carefully. If a shower or storm appears to be impending, they can stop work and tarp the truck until surfaces are dry again.

Nevertheless, the region doesn’t have to stop paving activity for many months of the year, as is the case in some of the cold northern realms or those in which rainy, wet seasons last for several months. This is convenient for property owners and for drivers since paving activity can spread out over 12 months. A contractor such as Colt Concrete & Asphalt can answer questions about the best options for scheduling this type of work. Please visit the website¬† for more details on this company. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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