Soil Erosion In Sydney: Geofabrics Usage

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Concrete Contractor

Geotextiles or geofabrics are used for many applications by engineers. These can include separation, filtration, drainage, and control of soil erosion in Sydney. They are highly popular in the field because they are laid down over the concrete infrastructure and work well with concrete canvas and similar products. Therefore, you can create a waterproof lining for your concrete waterway structure that ensures that no water can penetrate to the ground underneath. This makes it suitable for pools of standing water, culverts, drainage systems, and much more.

Soil erosion in Sydney is a significant issue. Many times, it is caused by soil compaction, loss of structure, low organic matter, and poor internal damage. When topsoil is removed, erosion sets in and can cause gullies or rills to make it tough to cultivate the area around it. The soil can’t store nutrients and water and is likely to break off into your waterway system. Many things cause it, but the fact remains that it hurts the agriculture industry and can also change the land significantly over time. It can also cause the animals and plants that are indigenous to the area to leave, which can hurt the environment, as well.

Infrastructure Technologies Pty Ltd offers many products to help with water management and soil erosion in Sydney. The two primary products offered include Aquaseal and Aqualiner. Aquaseal is a system with four products to help repair concrete, provide a waterproof membrane, both in the culvert and on the high-rise. It also has a silane treatment that protects from ingress and chloride. Aqualiner is suitable for lining channels, culverts, and dams, which can prevent erosion or help to control it. It works with any geofabric (either woven or nonwoven), and you only need a little moisture to activate it and allow it to harden wherever it is required.

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