Strange Things That Cause The Need For Roof Repair in Menasha

Roof repair in Menasha can be caused by some things homeowners don’t think about. When a homeowner better understands what is threatening their roof, they will be able to avoid unnecessary repairs. Who doesn’t want to save money on home repairs? Since roof work can get expensive, it’s easy to see why some people work so hard to protect their roofs.


Certain animals will do serious damage to a roof if given a chance. Pigeons will do damage to a roof if the birds are allowed to establish a presence. Eventually, the droppings from pigeons will do damage to a roof. A roof can get extremely dirty because of pigeons. A homeowner should call a pest control expert if they have a problem with pigeons and don’t want to pay for roof repairs in the future.

More On Animals

If a homeowner thinks that pigeons are the only animals to worry about, they are mistaken. Raccoons aren’t usually associated with roof problems, but the animals can do damage to roofing. Raccoons will usually damage roofs when the animals are looking for shelter. A raccoon will usually access a roof from a tree. A raccoon might destroy shingles while trying to dig its way inside a roof. Contact us to get help with roof repair in Menasha no matter what caused the damage.


A good number of homeowners just assume that snow and ice will fall off their sloped roofs. Sometimes, snow and ice should be manually removed from roofs. Special tools are used for snow and ice removal. The additional weight of the snow and ice might cause problems for a roof. Icicles should be removed to avoid gutter damage. When gutters get damaged, roof problems might happen. Homeowners just need to pay attention to their roofs during the colder months.

Homeowners have to be prepared for the unexpected. Storms aren’t the only threats that property owners have to worry about. A roofer will be able to spot any damage by inspecting a roof. A homeowner should get an inspection every few years to make sure that there aren’t any major issues that need to be fixed.

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