The Beauty Of Stamped Concrete Patio Surfaces

Many people are having new patios installed using concrete pavers. They have certain advantages but they are difficult to lay properly, not only to get all the joints perfect to eliminate the potential of tripping on a raised paver but also to get them to drain properly. One of the primary reasons why people opt for pavers for patios Stamped Concrete in Roseville CA is because they can be had in different colors and designs which add considerable appeal over a poured in place concrete patio.

It does not have to be that way, for those homeowners who are looking for a patio that has a charming design, then stamped concrete patio surfaces are the ideal solution. This process may also be called imprinted design or decorative concrete but regardless of what it is called, it is an affordable alternative to pavers, tile, slate, etc.

Patio design

The effect of stamped concrete can be enhanced by adding color to the concrete mix, as well as color it is possible to add bits of broken tile or a pebble topping which all create unique and very interesting effects.

It’s quite easy to design your patio to compliment the rest of your garden or yard. As the stamped designs can be literally whatever you want you are free to be creative. An example of the creative approach can be found where people have a pool, the stamped concrete patio will carry a color which is complimentary to the pool and the imprint will have a marine look, perhaps waves or fish.

When working with companies that lay concrete patios in Roseville CA the first thing you need to do is prepare a sketch which takes into account the patio size, the overall design you are looking for and the decorative elements you want to employ. It is a simple matter to duplicate just about any material simply by choosing the correct color and pattern. If you want your patio to mimic brick, consider it done.


Once the concrete has been mixed with the stabilizing compounds which hold the pattern stable while it sets, it is poured, leveled and a stamping tool is used to create the chosen design. The maintenance of the finished patio is simple; an occasional power wash to get imbedded dirt out is all it takes. The cement that is used contains hardeners and conditioners that make the concrete crack resistant as well as chipping and breaking down. Contact Innovative Concrete Solutions, for more information.

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