The Importance of Septic System Maintenance Services

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Septic System Service

Septic System Maintenance Services can save business and homeowners a lot of time and money. Inspections and preventative maintenance keep systems operating efficiently, which helps to keep utility costs from spiking. A slow leak, for example, can increase the water bill substantially over time. An inspection completed by a professional can detect the leak. That allows the repair to be completed while it is a minor one. A minor repair takes much less time and money to fix than something major. That same leak, undetected, can get larger, and cause pipes to corrode or burst. The damage caused can result in extensive repairs, or the need to replace the entire system.

Systems that are self-contained, such as an aerobic septic tank, have to be inspected by law in Texas. The housing growth in rural areas means many homes and businesses are not connected to public sewers. In order to regulate the systems, different regions have different requirements. Some areas require a quarterly inspection and report. Failure to comply will result in hefty fines. People with a maintenance contract at some companies will not have to worry about compliance. Inspections will be scheduled within time limits, and paperwork filed with the appropriate authorities. That eliminates forgetting an inspection, or not getting reports completed.

Regular Septic System Maintenance Services can also prolong the life of the system. Cleaning the pipes, pumping the tanks, and replacing lids or lines as needed will ensure the system will not have to be replaced prematurely. A properly maintained system can last for several decades. Finding an experienced company that can provide installations, services, repairs, and maintenance can also save time and money. It will also provide consistency of services. Technicians will get to know the system, which will make repairs and services go faster. That will minimize disruption for the household or business. Business and homeowners can go to website domain for detailed information on maintenance contracts. Additional services offered include lift station repairs, lint and grease trap cleanings, and power washing services. Hydro jetting services are also available. Highly pressurized water is used to deep clean sewer and field lines, as well as French drainage systems.

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