Things to Know About Roof Coating in Tucson

While some home and business owners think of a rooftop as not much more than a few shingles, the truth is more complex. A Roof Coating Tucson, for example, is important as well, especially for roofs made of concrete or metal. Below are several essential facts about roof coatings.

They Save Energy

This applies particularly to homes and commercial buildings with flat rooftops. Elastomeric coatings are well-known for their energy efficiency, as they reflect sunlight away from the building. While many think it doesn’t add up to much, a roof coating can help a building owner save a substantial amount of money on HVAC maintenance and operation.

Coatings Help Roofs Last Longer

A properly applied roof coating may help a roof last longer. Silicone and acrylic coatings can be used on inner membranes or the outside of the roof, and dedicated outside coatings such as modified bitumen prevent deterioration on metal and shingle roofs. The roof will last longer, and maintenance costs will decrease.

A Coating is Useful in a Rainy Area

Over time, the sealant on a rooftop may degrade, opening it up to slow leaks that aren’t detected until they’ve caused widespread damage. According to industry experts, a mid-life Roof Coating Tucson can stop such leaks from developing, further prolonging the roof’s life.

They’re an Important Part of the Building Process

Some substrate coatings are a crucial part of the roof construction process. Not only do they cover insulation, buy they can also be used in built-up roofs as well. Acrylics and urethanes are commonly used in single-ply roofs. Usage varies from one project to the next, and customers should ask for information on the coatings used for their projects.

Coatings May Prevent Fires

According to the pros, certain roof coatings are UL-listed for their safety and fire-retardant properties. These coatings increase safety, and in some instances, they’re a required part of rooftop construction. With the right roof coating, a building owner may even be able to get a lower rate on insurance.

Roof coatings may not receive much attention, but they’re an important part of the roofing business. Business owners and homeowners in the area can call or Click here talk to the experts at Ralph Hays Roofing.

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