Three Problems That Require The Expertise Of Roofing Companies In Rochester MN

Few elements are as critical to the overall structural integrity of a home as a roof, as it offers increased stability and is the first line of defense against the perils of mother nature. The problem is that many building owners choose to overlook the issues that arise which only serves to make the overall problem more complicated. Roofing Companies in Rochester MN have the expertise and tools to diagnose and fix any roofing issues that may arise and will keep a home or commercial building standing for years into the future.

Fascia Leaks and Damage

The fascia on a home is the outward facing board that is located on the edge of a roof line. If the area becomes damaged or if water is allowed to exit off the roof and behind the fascia board, it will likely lead to wood rot. Wood that is compromised is the perfect place for termites and other pests to enter a home, and will often leave a property with an unkempt and dilapidated appearance.

Loose or Missing Shingles

High winds and extreme weather conditions wreak havoc on a shingle roof and may cause the single sections to become dislodged. Though there is a protective barrier underneath, if water is allowed to collect on the surface without a source of protection it will likely lead to leaks over time. Let a professional examine the area for damage and replace the missing shingle, so the roof is restored and offers protection from moisture.

Exhaust Pipe and Chimney Flashing

Exhaust pipes and chimneys play an essential role in a structure, but the area where they exit a building is prone to leaks. Metal flashing is usually installed around these openings which provides enhanced protection, but after years of exposure to the weather, they may fail. Roofing Companies in Rochester MN will be able to replace any worn flashing and restore the water resistant qualities of a roof in as little as a few hours.

The right contractor will make maintaining a roof simple. Steve Gentry Construction is a leading provider of roofing services, and services both residential and commercial customers. Call today to learn more and take the first step in keeping any size or type of roof ready for any weather.

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