Three Signs You Need Gutter Repair in Orland Park

When it comes to looking after the structural integrity of your home, don’t forget about the gutters. When your gutters are working the way they should, they encourage the rainwater to flow from the roof down into the gutters, and then to the drains and downspouts away from your property. But when the gutters aren’t operating optimally, it is important to seek professional gutter repair in Orland Park. Here are three signs it may be time to repair your gutters.

  1. Overflowing Gutters

There are several reasons gutters overflow, but if it is just a matter of debris clogging up your gutters, a thorough cleaning will improve the problem. There are other reasons gutters can overflow, though, such as improperly installed hangers, where low spots can result in overflow every time it rains. Your gutters may be too narrow to manage the amount of rain that comes off your roof during a storm, and this is when it may be time to consider gutter repair or replacement.

  1. Age

Your gutter system’s age can contribute to drainage issues, too. Gutters may have holes and cracks, and the seams where the two sections meet can get leaky. Gutter repair, in this instance, is a temporary fix, but over time, wind and rain will weaken an old system, and you will need to replace your gutters.

  1. Weak Attachment

Gutters are attached to a house with straps or hangers which are typically mounted onto a fascia board. If the straps or hangers were not originally installed correctly, you may come across wood rot and other damage to your framing, soffit, and fascia boards. Furthermore, if the hangers weren’t spaced close enough together, the gutters will eventually sag without the correct or suitable support. This can result in water pooling and straining the hangers, eventually destroying and ripping the gutters away from the building.

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