Two Signs You Need Drain Field Repair in Eustis, FL

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Septic Tanks

There are many signs that indicate you have a problem that requires repair with your drain field, and knowing what to look for could not only save you time and money, but could also put off the need for a replacement. That said, you should only have professionals perform drain field repair to ensure you get the best results every single time, and their work should help you to reduce the cost of repairs by far. The results will speak for themselves, and the ability to catch a problem early on will mean a faster, more cost-effective repair.


Whenever you need drain field repairs in Eustis, FL, one warning sign is the pooling of water in certain areas throughout your backyard. Although such pooling is near your drain field and septic tank, it could actually happen anywhere and be the result of a serious problem. Eustis drain field repair is something that is not only necessary in this case, but could also be the only thing standing between you and the serious expense of replacing part or all of the system.

Slow Drains

Drains that allow water to pass through them but at a greatly reduced rate could indicate you need drain field repair in Eustis, FL. Slow drains could indicate that your tank is no longer disposing of waste as quickly as it should, meaning it could suddenly backup whenever you least expect it and cause a risk to your property as well as your health. If you notice more than one drain in the home slowly draining compared to its usual speed, it is time to have a professional come to take a close look at your system.

Septic drain field repair is also necessary if you notice that there is an odor building up around your home, particularly in rooms with drains. Not only is a backup eminent, you could also face much higher costs if you do not act quickly in this case.

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