Vinyl Siding Contractors in Orland Park: Is Vinyl Siding Right for You?

If you need new siding for your home, you’ve probably considered vinyl siding. For homeowners, vinyl siding means eliminating the expense and hassle of repainting their houses every six years or so.

On average, vinyl siding costs about 11% less than cedar siding and an impressive 26% less than aluminum. For these reasons, vinyl has risen as a popular choice in siding among homeowners today.

If you’re talking with vinyl siding contractors in Orland Park, consider this.

Is Vinyl Siding Right for You?

Purists often sneer at the idea of wrapping houses with vinyl or “plastic”. This is particularly true in homes that have significant architectural detail. Other common complaints are that vinyl siding fades over time, that it can buckle in high heat, and that it can mask critical problems with moisture inside your walls. While these are worthy concerns of the past, vinyl siding manufacturers have made vast improvements since it first appeared.

Consider newer vinyl siding products. Typically, their finishes are low-gloss and hold realistic grain patterns, mimicking the appearance of wood. When correctly installed, rigidity is not a major concern, nor is fading or yellowing in the new vinyl products. If you decide to go with vinyl, make sure that you have your vinyl siding contractors check for any moisture and other defects in the home before installing it.

Focusing on Quality

Searching for quality Orland Park vinyl siding contractors can be difficult. It’s important to find reputable vinyl siding contractors who understand the importance of an expert installation in addition to high-grade vinyl products. Search for vinyl siding with anti-weathering protection and product warranties. Vinyl panels should be at least .04” thick. If the manufacturer isn’t willing to offer a warranty, the quality probably isn’t where you need it to be.

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