What Are The Steps Of Mold Remediation In Bowie?

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Restoration Services

In Maryland, homeowners need mold remediation after major disasters. These services could prevent major issues for the homeowner. This includes extensive property damage that could lead to a total loss. Mold Remediation in Bowie could help them to eliminate these after effects quickly.

Eliminate Any Water Present

The first objective is to remove excess water and moisture from the property. These conditions could provide breeding grounds for mold and mildew. The remediation team using vacuums and dryers to remove the water from the property. The walls, basement, and crawlspaces are evaluated after drying efforts cease. Any existing water may require further measures to protect the property.

Package and Tag All Affected Materials

All items that were affected by mold developments are removed from the property. The remediation team must follow EPA requirements for these requirements. This requires them to package the items in plastic bags and wrapping. They must tag the packaging to identify what substances is inside it. This eliminates any further health risks associate with these developments. All remediation personnel is required to wear protective clothing during this process.

Waste Management Requirements

The packaged materials are placed inside dumpsters provided by waste management services. The dumpsters are secured by the remediation team. They don’t incur any further costs of the homeowner. The cost is included in the total requirements for the services.

Starting the Restoration Process

The restoration process begins after the mold developments are managed. The remediation teams must clean the property and prevent further issues. Next, they begin to restore the property to its original state. The homeowner’s insurance policy defines what expenses are covered under the policy. Remediation is often covered. However, any major changes to the property could generate additional expenses. The restoration service could file the insurance claim for the homeowner.

In Maryland, homeowners face challenges after natural disasters and fires. These challenges are associated with adverse developments associated with water accumulation. Remediation services manage water accumulation after these events and eliminate developments inside the property. Homeowners who need Mold Remediation in Bowie should contact ServiceMaster by America’s Restoration Services for additional information about these services today.

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