What to Consider When Looking for New Window Installation in Aurora, IL

Efficiency and aesthetic appeal are primary concerns among homeowners these days. Numerous components play a role in these factors, including the types of building materials used, roofing, insulation and even the appliances installed in a home. Of course, windows enter the mix as well. Dozens of styles are available to homeowners looking for new Window Installation in Aurora IL, but looks could be considered secondary if those windows don’t protect the home and help reduce its energy consumption. Knowing what to look for when choosing new windows will help ensure both efficiency and visual appeal are part of the bigger picture.

Glass Options

Traditional single-pane windows are still available and typically cost much less than other types, but they’re not the only options on the market these days. Double and triple-pane versions are offered as well, both of which are more efficient than their thinner, less advanced counterparts. Dual panes are among the most popular choices as they provide ample protection and offer a compromise between the least and most expensive and efficient versions.

Gas Alternatives

Double and triple-pane windows have spaces between their layers of glass. These gaps are filled with either argon or krypton gas. Both gases are odorless, invisible and denser than standard air and help provide a barrier against heat transfer. Krypton is said to be the most effective of the two, but argon is sufficient for most homes.


Low-e glazing is yet another option when it comes to Window Installation in Aurora IL. This extremely thin, invisible film provides an added layer of efficiency by helping further thwart heat transfer. Glazing applications and films can be purchased at hardware stores and applied after the fact, but when already having new windows installed, many people choose this option from the factory.

In addition to those aspects, the frames surrounding windows can either improve or hamper efficiency as well. Wood may be efficient in its own right, but it doesn’t hold up well to the elements and requires ongoing maintenance. Vinyl frames and aluminum cladding are said to be more efficient and certainly require far less maintenance. Contact Everlast Exteriors of Illinois Inc. to learn more or schedule a consultation.

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