Why a Chimney Sweep Is Essential in Long Island, NY

It is not uncommon for the winter weather to make it very cold and blistery in the middle of winter in Long Island, New York. As the temperature gets colder, you may want to start a fire, so you can warm up in a natural and soothing manner. Before you do, ask yourself when the last time you had a chimney sweep at your property. Many homeowners do not realize the value and importance of adding this type of service to the home’s annual maintenance list. Yet, having it is essential to keeping your home safe throughout the year.

Why Sweeping Matters

Over time, and with every fire lit in the fireplace, a back material builds up along the interior walls of the chimney. This soot is actually carbon. A bit of it is normal and common, but over time, the build-up becomes significant. As this happens, the chimney becomes a bit more narrow, minimizing the amount of air that flows into the fire. Most importantly, the carbon can create a dangerous fire situation, often allowing a home to catch on fire in moments. A chimney sweep is able to remove that buildup.

Inferior Products

The products you can buy over the counter in hardware stores promise to remove this carbon buildup. They can work but tend to be very limitedly beneficial. In fact, most manufacturers of those products actually recommend having a sweep done each year anyway and using their chimney cleaning products as a fill-in during the midterm.

A chimney sweep in Long Island, NY is a critical investment in all situations. It helps ensure your property remains safe and allows you to continue to use your fireplace and chimney the way you want to each day.

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