3 Reasons Owners Restore Home Chimneys in Brookline, MA

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

Historic Brookline is so charming that each year visitors take part in walking tours that include views of notable homes. Because fireplaces originally provided most of their heat, the houses typically include imposing chimneys. Most have retained their function and beauty with the help of experts like Fitzgerald Restoration Inc. Homeowners rely on these specialists to restore damaged Chimneys in Brookline MA, provide a range of masonry work, and improve home safety.

Restoring Chimneys Increases Property Values

It is common for Brookline homes to include many original features and chimneys are some of the most visible. They also take some of the hardest punishment. Weather, animals, degrading materials, and constant usage can turn the elegant features into eyesores. Fortunately, restoration contractors provide unique masonry services that will return the most disfigured chimneys to their original beauty. These specialists are uniquely qualified because they have mastered building skills used 200 years ago that are rare now. As they restore Chimneys in Brookline MA, artisans can safely clean stone and brick, repoint brickwork, and match new materials to the originals.

Chimney Repairs Are Often Part of Remodeling Projects

Clients often include chimney restoration in home renovations. When restoration specialists provide the services, they can ensure all projects are carefully coordinated. For instance, they synchronize replacement windows, patio and driveway resurfacing, and stucco work. Craftsmen who restore roofs and chimneys ensure that original historic details are recreated. They can also repair veneers, front steps, walkways, and decorative walls.

Repairing Chimneys Makes Homes Safer

Restoring original chimneys also makes buildings safer. Technicians stabilize bricks and stonework as well as entire chimneys. That prevents crumbling materials from falling and causing harm, which is a real danger when chimneys collapse. During projects, craftsmen also repair problems causing creosote buildups. That is important for home safety because creosote can cause dangerous chimney fires.

Brookline homeowners often hire restoration contractors to repair the chimneys on historic houses. These contractors have a special set of skills allowing them to recreate the charm and beauty of the most damaged original chimneys. During projects, which are often part of home renovations, technicians also make repairs that improve home safety.

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