5 Problems that Require Garage Door Repair from Skokie Technicians

Anyone who has ever had a problem with their garage door knows how frustrating this situation can be. Fortunately, most garage door problems are quite common and easily fixed with professional garage door repair in Skokie.

Here are 5 of the most common repairs garage door technicians make.

Garage Door Opener Problems

When garage door openers start acting up, doors tend to lift a few inches off the ground and stop. Sometimes they won’t close all the way. Usually, small adjustments can fix these problems.

Broken Springs

Garage doors have torsion springs and extension springs. These springs play a central role the opening and closing of the door. They also have a lifespan of about 10,000-20,000 rotations, meaning that they will eventually break and need replacement.

Broken Cables

Garage doors that come off pulleys often have broken cables. The good news is that this is fairly inexpensive repair. However, homeowners should proceed with caution and resist the temptation to make these repairs themselves.

Panel Replacement

Panels become damaged often from misuse and careless parking. Fortunately, replacing panels is something experienced garage door technicians can take care of quickly. Replacing panels as soon as possible preserves the integrity of the door and ensures the garage door’s security.

Roller Replacement

These parts of the garage door get bent and broken from regular use. Replacing these parts allows the garage door to continue to open and close smoothly.

To address these problems and more, contact Robert’s Garage Door Professionals of Chicago for garage door repair in Skokie.

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