6 Services Offered by Commercial Construction Companies in Jacksonville

Developers looking for a full-service general contracting service to take their projects from start to finish rely on commercial construction companies in Jacksonville. Here are some of the services these companies offer to ensure successful project completion.

Construction Review and Property Analysis

This service is great for developers purchasing existing properties to renovate or rehab the property. The review gives developers important information about the building infrastructure before buying a property.

Project Estimates

Commercial construction companies are pros at giving estimates. Before beginning a project, contact a commercial construction company to schedule an estimate to know how much the project will cost.


The best construction companies have a team of engineers assigned to each project. These engineers make sure the best practices for design and product installation are followed.

Design and Build

Full-service general contractors offer design and build services. Their team of architects and engineers design the ideal property and the skilled construction crew makes the vision a reality.

Pre-Construction Services

Before the construction begins, contractors offer their clients a plethora of pre-construction services that include:

  • Constructibility reviews
  • Design
  • Site evaluations
  • Scheduling
  • Site studies and more

Construction Management

Large construction projects mean there are a lot of hands on the project. Commercial construction companies oversee all the subcontractors working on the project and make sure that all construction goals are met within a reasonable period. Proper construction management keeps projects moving forward and prevents delays.

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