Planning For Commercial Construction Projects in Denver, Colorado

Building a commercial structure in Denver requires significant planning prior to breaking ground. Planning for all the necessary factors well in advance of the anticipated date for the project includes completing research, making informed decisions, and understanding the different range of options.

Start with a Budget

Whether you are using a contractor bid process, or hiring a commercial construction company, it is critical to have a solid budget established. The budget should include all the costs of the project, which includes the purchase of the land and the entire cost of construction process. Consider adding a 5 or 10% overrun cushion on the project to ensure the necessary funding is available if any additional purchase need arises.

Project Clarity

It is absolutely essential to have project details agreed upon before the bid process, to prevent any need for changes before the start of the construction. Changing elements of the project after accepting an estimate or a bid can result in significant budget overruns, delays in finishing construction on time, and difficulties throughout the project.

Work With the Company

Involving the commercial construction company in pre-construction discussions is a simple and effective way to build rapport and to create a comprehensive building plan for the project. Construction contractors will make recommendations in the project’s pre-construction phase that may save costs and reduce potential challenges.

Effective communication is always critical with any new construction or commercial renovation project in Denver. Take the time to schedule regular meetings with each project investor to avoid miscommunication and unexpected surprises during the project.

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