A Fencing Contractor in St Paul Helps Homeowners Deer-Proof Their Yards

People buying rural residential property outside of the Twin Cities may encounter trouble with wildlife. Deer are abundant in this region, and they can become aggravating as they do damage to property. They are lovely to view, but not necessarily in a residential yard. A Fencing Contractor in St Paul can help by installing a structure to keep those animals out of the yard. Contact Dakota Unlimited to learn more about this particular contractor and the variety of fences offered.

Deer cause problems because they eat a large number of plants and actively seek out those food sources. They eat flower blooms, vegetables in the garden, leaves on trees, and woody twigs on shrubs. They’ll grab apples, pears, and other fruit from trees and bushes. They trample gardens and make a mess. Rural residents will have difficulty deer-proofing several acres of land, but they can keep the area close to the home free of these big critters.

No matter what this fence is made of, it must be tall enough to deter the animals. A wood or vinyl privacy fence installed by a fencing contractor in St Paul is suitable because the deer can’t see inside and won’t spot any food they might want to munch on. Vinyl fencing has become very popular because it requires so little maintenance. All it needs is a little hosing off with a garden hose now and then or, perhaps, wiping away grime with a soft rag. It’s available in a variety of colors and textures, and it can be manufactured to look almost exactly like wood.

A chain link or decorative iron fence works well too, although deer can jump over a chain link fence of standard height. Homeowners may not want a taller one because it starts to make the property look institutional. In addition, deer can see through these structures. They may avoid jumping into a fenced area most of the time, but when fall arrives, they may be willing to risk it. Deer instinctually sense the upcoming lack of food and try to eat as much as possible before winter sets in.

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