Advantages of Using Roller Mills in Oregon to Produce Food for Ruminant Animals

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

Roller mills in Oregon have traditionally been the equipment of choice for turning grain into animal feed. The machinery makes pellets and flakes out of various food materials for easy storage and consumption. It works by rolling and grinding or crushing the cereal grains. The resulting particles optimize food consumption for livestock and pets.

Agricultural experts who specialize in this type of food production have an ongoing debate about whether hammer mills or Roller Mills in Oregon are better for this purpose. A company such as Leon James Construction Co. sells both hammer mills and roller mills. Hammer mills offer the advantage of precision, as the equipment turns the food materials into specific sizes with a screen filter. It also can create a finer grind for the end product. Roller mills do not produce precisely sized particles, and the person who sets up the equipment for a production run is essentially responsible for how fine the grind is.

However, roller mills require less power, making them more economical to run. They do not require airflow that is supplied by fans to hammer mills. Roller mills are better for creating flakes out of grain, which is preferable for certain kinds of livestock feed. Cows, sheep, and goats, for example, seem especially to like the texture and size of flaked foods, which is important for encouraging them to eat a proper diet when they are not foraging outdoors.

Also, research has found that cows produce more milk when eating flaked cereals instead of whole grains in a meal or mush. Not only do they supply more milk, but the milk has more protein and a creamier consistency. Their digestion seems to be improved, resulting in better absorption of nutrients from grains like barley and corn. Optimizing the diet of livestock is important for farmers who need to stay in line with a strict operating budget.

The flakes also can supplement a foraging diet with extra nutrients. Because of the additional surface area, flakes also are better able to absorb oils and other liquids that are healthy for the animals. Browse our website to look at the inventory of various kinds of mills for producing animal feed.

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