Aluminium Screen Doors: Why They’re Important

Most homeowners have realised just how essential aluminium is around the house. It can be used as a fence and gate system, screening system, and much more. Aluminium screen doors are perfect for keeping insects out of your home. They look like a traditional screened door option, but they are more durable than other choices and come with a variety of ways to improve on aesthetics and security. For example, they look like a traditional flyscreen, so no one is going to complain about the way your house looks. Along with such, they can be fitted with an appropriate locking system to be more secure and safer.

Aluminium screen doors are highly durable, which means they won’t sag with years of use. The screen stays in place and won’t appear unsightly. The metal itself is incredibly low maintenance, so you don’t have to use special cleaners or do much more than wipe it down if it gets a little dusty. While most people worry about thieves getting into their homes, you’ll know that you’ve got another layer of protection. Most of these doors offer hidden-hinge fixing systems, so no one can easily get to the screws. Along with such, they can’t be cut with a knife or kicked apart with a heavy boot, giving you added security.

CommandeX offers a variety of products to help you feel safer and more secure. Aluminium screen doors are an excellent option. The Xceed brand consists of aluminium panels that are structural grade. Aluminium is naturally resistant to corrosion, so you can use these doors in areas of high humidity without fear. Along with such, you can have the three-point locking system installed, though it doesn’t come standard. You can also have a pet door installed so that your pets can come and go as they see fit.

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